2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 | The Halfway HomemakerIf you know me at all, you know I LIVE on Amazon. I was so proud of myself last year, I sat down and did all of my holiday shopping in under an hour with Amazon. I even stayed on budget! Which is amazing in itself.

I have decided to put together a few things that are must-haves for my family for the holidays. I have a husband who never wants anything, a girly toddler and a toddler who loves cars and “fixing things.” Here is what is on my list this year, what is on yours?

My hubby has taken an interest in running again, so he needs running shoes. I don’t know who would enjoy the hovercopter more – my husband or my daughter! He is such a hard person to buy for, so I found a really cool Iron Man dossier, he loves anything from Iron man.
My son loves the Little People toys from Fisher Price, so I found a few more playsets to add to his collection. He also needs a little Pooh bear, his sister carries around a newer style Winnie the Pooh, the poor thing is always in need of a wash.
My daughter is all over the map! She loves the movie “Planes,” anything “Frozen” and Hello Kitty. She is also starting to bake with me, so I found a few Hello Kitty baking accessories.
I am obsessed with getting a new telephoto lens, and there are a few Michael Kors totes I have my eye on. I added a few luxury items for my hubby to choose from for me (hint, hint), but I am anticipating most of the budget going to my kids’ gifts.
I hope my holiday gift guide inspires your gifting list. Just remember to stay on a budget!

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