5 Steps to Making Money as a Virtual Assistant

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If you are computer-savvy and have a little time in your day, virtual assisting is a great way to make extra money. I quit my job in 2011 and have been supplementing my family budget with my virtual services business ever since. It grants me the flexibility to be home with my two children and set my own hours.

In order to be successful as a virtual assistant, you need to be sure to organize yourself so that you find the best jobs for you and your skills. Creating a game plan and treating yourself as a business owner as opposed to a freelancer will greatly improve your chances of success.

To find out my 5 Steps to Making Money as a Virtual Assistant, check out my post on the Busy Budgeter

If you have already started your business and want to get to the next level of success – check out my eCourse!


The 8 Week Multimedia Course Includes the Following:

Week 1: Success is in the Planning – Finding your niche while understanding that a well thought out approach is the most important elements of success.

Week 2: The Business Services List – Now that you know who you want to serve, how to you want to add value? Why you need to know what services you offer BEFORE you find clients.

Week 3: Planning – Figuring out what you need to get your work done, and how to budget for your purchases.

Week 4: Compensation – Determining your rates with various considerations – not just what you market dictates, but also meeting your income goals.

Week 5: Financial and Legal – Get your business house in order before you start making money.

Week 6: Getting Clients – Where to look for clients and how to use social media to your advantage.

Week 7: I Have Work, Now What? – Getting the client is no more important than keeping the client. Learning to deal with conflict and making sure you get paid.

Week 8: Educating Yourself – Where to find resources to make you the cutting edge service provider.

The course not only discusses business, but also your mindset in business. The first step in being successful is making sure you are aligned with your goals. Always convey your worth, and the work will follow.

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