5 Things You Should Do Before You Buy Anything for Your Business

Do you know what you really need in your business?

So often, I hear business owners talk about all the things they “think” they need to grow their business.

I hear about magic fairy coaches that will help them grow overnight. Or that they need a snazzy, high end website to pull their clients. Or what about the pricey mail programs that will make their emails selling machines.

What I don’t hear them talking about are the things that ACTUALLY grow their business – the non flashy, real things that help develop and grow their businesses.

Here are the top 5 things that you should have in place before you even thing about your website:

1) A Business Plan.
You need a business plan. Period. You need to know the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of your business. Need resources to help you with your business plan? If you would like my 10 Marketing Messages Worksheet, Click Here.

2) A Marketing Plan.
You need to know what your messages are, who your ideal client is, what attracts them, and all of the nuts and bolts of how you PLAN to market BEFORE sending out even one email. Don’t know what to talk about? I have a 10 Marketing Messages Worksheet Just for you. Just click here to claim yours!

3) A Strategy.
How will you finance your business? What will you reinvest (to buy that snazzy website)? How will you legally set up your business? What contracts will you use? This is the hard stuff, but it is needed for a successful business.

4) A Schedule.
Business just doesn’t fit in to your day whenever you have five minutes. Have a family? You are probably not going to be able to work a solid 8 hours per day with an hour lunch break. Take a good hard look at how you will make time for your business and show up consistently. And stick to it.

5) A Financial Plan.
Whether you use a spreadsheet or Quickbooks, you need to track the money coming in and out of your business. You need to know what payments you will accept, how you will accept them, your terms for payment, and a way to invoice people. Paypal, Square, Quickbooks invoicing, Wave, whatever. Know what you are using, what the costs are and set it all up. Owe taxes? Have fees? Figure them into your pricing and move on. Learn this term – cost of doing business.

There are many more pieces to the puzzle, but these are the first things you should focus on before you start your snazzy social media marketing, hiring a graphic designer or anything else.

There is no magic fairy that will turn anyone into a thriving business owner if the foundation isn’t there.



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