7 Great Summer Jobs for Teens | Guest Post

7 Great Summer Jobs for Teens | The Halfway Homemaker

I was recently featured on Mending the Piggy Bank. Here is a list of great business ideas for teens.

Summer is a great time for teens to make money. They have fewer responsibilities to their school, athletics and extracurricular activities. They also may be at loose ends in between camp, vacations and holidays. Jobs are great to fill the time and also contribute to the financial expenses they incur in their teens.

Another important aspect of getting a job is learning responsibility, and if they work for themselves – entrepreneurship. What better way to learn how to run a business that to start their own? Most of these jobs need little to no startup expense – save possibly money for brochures. But there are always costs involved. Make sure when they are deciding how much to charge for their services that they include associated costs to make sure they are covered.

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  1. One of my favorite summer jobs when I was a teenager was working at the movie theater. Working concession was a lot harder than you would think

    1. I can’t imagine. The shifts must be every weekend night, and all the hot food machines. I had a friend who worked at the theater just so she could see movies for free.

  2. I worked at a cell phone store where I got a discount since I was a girl and always on my phone, helped cut the bill down!

    1. That is awesome. I love when you can work to get a discount on things you spend too much money on 🙂

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