A Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

2015 Handmade Holiday Gift Guide | The Halfway HomemakerThe holidays are a time for giving. I absolutely love spending time finding the perfect gift, and love to think outside the box. When I was in college, I actually made gifts for my family one year, I made tipsy cakes with a bottle of whiskey, poundcake and jars of marmalade. They were a hit all around, and inspired my love of handmade presents.

There is something about sharing the love of a well-made gift that makes me happy. I created this handmade holiday gift guide to share some of the great makers I have found this year, and their beautiful handmade creations.

First, for kids. I don’t know about yours, but they absolutely LOVE anything to do with arts and crafts, and crayons are constantly fought over in my house. This would be perfect for my budding artists, and there are plenty of patterns, so everyone would have their own crayon notebook from PaperfromHeaven.

Crayon Notebook
Crayon Notebook from PaperFromHeaven.com

Need a great hostess gift, or know of someone who loves glassware – I know plenty of entertainers. I am always looking for something new and different, so these Norwegian Rosemaling cups from JoyWithClay would be awesome, and I am partial to anything Norwegian 😉

Norwegian Rosemaling Cups
Norwegian Rosemaling Cups from JoyWithClay

I love stained glass, there is something so magical about light shining through the colors. If you have someone on your list that likes something a little different, or maybe has a new kitchen to decorate, how about some beautiful stained glass pieces from Un_Leaded Creations:


Stained Glass
Handmade Stained Glass from Un_Leaded Creations

Need a family gift? How about something for newlyweds, or even a new baby? Personalized signs by KnockOnWoodSignCo is an awesome place to find custom, hand painted signs:

Hand Painted Sign from KnockOnWoodSignCo
Hand Painted Sign from KnockOnWoodSignCo

I love artwork. I have an entire closet of framed art that needs to be hung. What is better than handmade art? How about PERSONALIZED art? I love these watercolor maps from Beloved Paper. They can be personalized, and make perfect gifts:

Watercolor Maps
Personalized Handpainted Watercolor Maps from Beloved Paper

If you need more inspiration, here are some other awesome products from these artisans:


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