At the Pumpkin Patch

At the pumpkin patch

At the pumpkin patch

My daughter’s school had a field trip today. We were able to go to Johnson’s Corner Farm. It was a great morning spent with just my little monkey – her little brother was at preschool.

Being able to take time off when I want to has always been a key facet of my business. My schedule is important to me, and having flexibility is awesome when you have little ones at home.

We are also lucky to live in the “Garden State.” It is so much more lush and green than it was in California. There are trees everywhere. And plenty of real, huge farms. That don’t take hours to get to.

The great thing about this farm is that they have a lot to do. They have hayrides, animals to feed, a playground with splash pad (for summer) and crops to pick year round. We have already been to the farm to pick strawberries, cherries, and corn, so being able to pick pumpkins off the vine was a great experience. We have always just picked pumpkins in a “patch” that was usually a section of a parking lot or a vacant lot near out home. Vine picking was not something we were used to.

So I knew we were in for a treat! It was crazy busy today, as it is Columbus day, but we had a private area to get on the hayrides. The hayrides were covered wagons pulled by tractors – that is always impressive to the kids. The wagons are taken out to the far side of the farm where they have a little corn “maze” and a patch of pumpkins. The maze was perfect for 4 year olds.

The pumpkin patch was full of pumpkins, although the vines were a little different than I expected. They weren’t lush and green like they show you in Charlie Brown specials. But we were actually able to pick the pumpkins off the vine, a pretty cool experience.

My daughter loved being with her friends, getting her own pumpkin (she immediately asked if we can make pumpkin pie) and the fresh air was great. It was a great way to start out the official Halloween season!

They are not like The Great Pumpkin, but still kind of cool!
They are not like The Great Pumpkin, but still kind of cool!

Johnson’s Corner Farm is located at 133 Church Rd, Medford, NJ 08055. Check their website for hours of operation and current attractions and crops. 

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