Back in the Saddle Again

Back in the Saddle Again | The Halfway HomemakerI wanted to share a little more about what is going on with me as well as my family. I have been laying low for a while and have spent a little time working out what is important to me. I have a few posts that will be forthcoming on reviews I have committed to, but for the most part, I will be sharing more about what is going on with me, what is important and my life, and ways that I am trying to make my family’s life easier. This will include my crazy worksheets, stress reduction, some fun recipes here and there, and just more personal stories. I hope that you enjoy the new direction and it helps you to learn a little more about me. 

The last month has been crazy. We have packed up and moved across country. My husband started a new job. I already have my daughter in a new preschool. And we have started looking at buying a house in our new area.

Life is stressful, crazy, overwhelming – and just a teensy bit better since we moved. My husband likes his new job. The area is pretty nice, and we are actually pretty impressed with the number of options for houses in our price range. Not that buying a house is easy or something I want to do again for a while.

I find myself analyzing everything about the purchasing process. How much can we afford to spend? What is the actual monthly payment? How to we maximize our money when we buy? Is it more important to stay under a certain dollar amount or is it better to find a house that we don’t need to make any changes on? What does a 10th of a percent do to the monthly payment? Gosh, it is overwhelming.

Then there is the actual house hunt.  Property taxes in our area are insanely high. And they don’t adjust when you buy the house. Gosh I miss California and Prop 13. And the houses. There is a definite price point that makes sense, and the houses in that range are just slightly jacked. Like spiders the size of dinner plates (sorry, honey, for not pointing that out when you went to the basement by yourself! :/), or a strange placement for a jacuzzi tub (between the kitchen and the living room??).  And the perfectly appointed houses are just slightly more (once you figure in property taxes), but it is so tempting to buy lower.

Through this process, we have seen more houses in three weeks than we have ever seen when we were buying our last two houses. After our last two buys (one right before the bubble burst and the last one that had the crazy neighbors) I feel that we are just a little more gun shy. We found a house that we liked, and of course there are logistics to consider before we place an offer. But the overwhelming sense of excitement we usually feel with a house is just not there.

It is not that the house (we actually found a couple we liked) is not amazing, or exactly what we want. Rather, it is that we know all the things that can go wrong after the honeymoon period is over. The unforeseen issues with the house, the nasty notes that can appear on your door, all the expenses that you can never plan for but have to take in stride.

And there is also the sense of permanence. We want to raise our children in one house going forward. We don’t want to buy a band-aid, or a just for now house. We want to buy our permanent residence. We want to invest in more income properties in coming years, but we don’t want to move any more. It is expensive, time consuming, and just plain not fun. And after being in our third house in the last year, I just want to give my kids stability.

But most of all, this process is slightly time consuming and requires me to think entirely too much. Wish us luck!

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    1. So we have a six month lease, so we do have time and I am sure we can extend it, but we have a couple things to consider. First, people put more inventory on the market, but raise the prices, apparently the winter buying season is more buyer friendly. Also, we sold our other house almost a year ago, so we are losing out on the benefits of owning a home, tax wise.

  1. I think most people move in the summer so that’s probably why it’s friendlier in the winter? But maybe there might be more options in a couple of months? We always have very little time to find a place to live and so we just have to make the best of what is available at that time. That’s hard to move to a place and not know the area and where is the ideal neighborhood. We are only renting since we still own a house in another state. I think it would be nice to be in your situation and get to explore before finding a house.

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