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Beets Blu | HalfwayHomemaker.comI had the awesome opportunity to try out two products from Beets Blu – the Wireless Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor and the Key Finder. Both are cool devices that hook up to my most favorite thing – my phone!

The Beets Blue Wireless Smart 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor is a great workout buddy. It is something that I would associate with hard-core workout pros, but was actually pretty cool. As I get more into working out (again) it is nice to have a personal heart rate monitor – especially because even the most high tech machines tend to annoy the daylights out of me when it comes to heart rate checks.

Super easy to put on and connects to your phone.
Super easy to put on and connects to your phone.

Either they beep at you mercilessly to grab the metal bars (that I always forget to wipe down before hopping on) or it takes FOREVER to register my heart rate. Having a personal wearable is awesome – because I always know my heartrate.

It is super easy to use, I strap it just below my sports bra against my skin, and it is pretty much hidden under my workout shirt. It is super low profile, and it doesn’t slide down while I am working out. Since I am in the weight loss period of my life, it is good to know that I am hitting my target heart rates while I work out.

The Bluetooth portion is super simple to set up, you just download the app to your phone, and then have your Bluetooth “search” for the Beets Blu. Once your phone finds it, you are golden. No need to pair! It is an awesome complement to my workout and makes me feel like a professional workout machine.

Now, the Beets Blu Key Finder – this is something I always say I need, and then never get. This is a great little gadget that is perfect for someone like me. I am always losing my keys, usually 5 minutes after the kids are supposed to be at school.

Easy to set up, and saves me hours a week trying to find my keys (or phone!).
Easy to set up, and saves me hours a week trying to find my keys (or phone!).

The little fob attaches to your key chain, and then pairs with your cell phone. It is super easy to set up – just download the app and then pair it with Bluetooth. If I need to find my keys, I activate the app on my phone, the pager sounds and the little light flashes red. I love the range on the Key Finder, I can be upstairs and it will still sound.

And since I am always losing my phone, I reverse the process, I press the little button on the key finder, and my PHONE sounds. Now I don’t have to hunt for my cordless phone to call my phone.

If you are in the market for a new fitness gadget, or am a perpetual key (or phone) loser, then these products by Beets Blu are for you!

I received both products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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