How to Remove a Splinter

How to remove a splinter without cutting into your skin.

I have splinters on my mind this week – basically because I got a pretty nasty one the other day. I learned how to remove a splinter without cutting into my foot and I wanted to share! My wood deck is amazing, but it is not bare-feet friendly. For some reason, the beautiful grain lends […]

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My Go-To Thanksgiving Recipes

My Go-To Thanksgiving Recipes | The Halfway Homemaker

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, because, well, it involves food. I love to cook, and I am always up for an excuse to make a delicious holiday meal, even though I feel like sometimes I get in over my head. In order to make Thanksgiving easier, I have pared down my substantial list […]

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Halloween Birthday Banner

Halloween Birthday Party Banner | The Halfway Homemaker

This post was sponsored by I am in full swing of party planning mode. Love decorating for birthday parties and my son’s birthday is no exception. Since we try to have parties at home as much as possible, I tend to go all out on décor and fun for the kids. A great way […]

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Thanksgiving Checklist

Thanksgiving Countdown Checklist Download | The Halfway Homemaker

It’s that time of year again. I love Thanksgiving, but man, is it a lot of work. I don’t have visitors (most years), but I do know what it is like to prepare the house for guests and family to stay over. With a little preparation and planning, having visitors can be a little less […]

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Getting Healthy

My husband and I constantly go through the cycle of getting healthy then losing track until we look at each other and say we need to get healthy again. In my defense, the last two times I got healthy, I immediately got pregnant. With the conversation quickly approaching regarding child #3, I am already thinking […]

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