Day 11 – Phone a Friend | 31 Day Stress Reduction Challenge

31 Day Stress Reduction ChallengeAs a personal challenge, I have decided to embark on a 31-day challenge to lower my stress level, and make staying at home not so overwhelming. Each day, I will focus on one area of my life that can be cleaned up or addressed to help make my life just a teensy bit easier – and less stressful.

In the digital age, it is so easy to text, Facebook and email instead of talk to them. I know as a busy mom, it is super hard to get out of the house, but sometimes you just need some human (non-child) interaction.

I am pretty lucky, I am able to get out of the house from time to time to meet clients or go to the rare lunch with a friend. But that usually requires a babysitter. Sometimes I just need a little reminder that I am not a crazy person who tries to have complicated conversations with a three year old about not using the potty.

So I am learning to use my phone for what it was actually meant for – making calls. I am trying to pick up the phone to call my friends instead of just texting. It is amazing the types of conversations that can flourish when you actually hear another person’s voice. And how much stress is reduced by hearing and participating in a round of laughter.

If you feel like you need a lifeline, why not try phoning a friend?

Til Tomorrow…

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