Day 12 – Plan Your Week on Sunday | 31 Day Stress Reduction Challenge

31 Day Stress Reduction ChallengeAs a personal challenge, I have decided to embark on a 31-day challenge to lower my stress level, and make staying at home not so overwhelming. Each day, I will focus on one area of my life that can be cleaned up or addressed to help make my life just a teensy bit easier – and less stressful.

My weeks are hectic. I am constantly running back and forth from client meetings, preschool, gym class, ballet class and various doctor appointments (my kids have way too many specialists for their age). I am constantly overwhelmed by my to-do list and everything that pops up along the way.

One way that I am learning to get a head start on the week is this – I spend Sunday evening preparing for the week. I prepare my daughter’s lunches, I make sure that we have all of the appropriate foods for the kids to get through the week. My husband and I are on a diet that has pre-packaged foods, so we are set in the food department, which is nice.

I also make sure my husband’s clothes are clean, my daughter and son have enough clean outfits (and sheets!) for the week, and that I have some idea of what they will wear each day.

I also spend a little time with my calendar. I plot out any appointments that are going on for the week, make sure that my sitter is set up for the appropriate days and times. I look at my work deadlines to ensure that I have blocked out enough time to get my projects done, and look for topics for my blog.

It seems like a lot to do, but it is actually pretty efficient. I spend about an hour preparing for my week and I am actually excited to start my week. It is a little bit less stressful to know that I actually have a plan and some of the tasks that need to be done are already crossed off.

That is, until Monday morning when I actually have to get out of bed. But I am working on it.

Until Tomorrow…

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