Day 03 – Take a Walk | 31 Day Stress Reduction Challenge

31 Day Stress Reduction ChallengeAs a personal challenge, I have decided to embark on a 31-day challenge to lower my stress level, and make staying at home not so overwhelming. Each day, I will focus on one area of my life that can be cleaned up or addressed to help make my life just a teensy bit easier – and less stressful.

I love where I live. There are tree-lined streets, great ocean views while you walk, and it is super quiet. A great way to clear your head and decompress is to take a walk. With two kids, it is one of the few ways I can work out and entertain them at the same time.

I can’t really walk for speed, my toddler insists on getting in and out of the stroller 50 times in the course of an hour. But she is actually a great walking partner in the fact that she is usually pretty quiet and just takes in the sights. My son loves being out and about in his stroller, so I actually have a pleasant time.

I learned the hard way what happens to cooped up kids. They get crabby and wound up and complain. All. Day. Talk about stress.

When everyone is getting just a little too testy, I strap on my tennis shoes, pull out the double stroller and take a little walk around the neighborhood. It is such a great way to clear my head and de-stress just a teensy bit.

Make a commitment to take everyone out today for a walk. If it is too cold, head to an indoor mall and walk around for a bit. Get some of that stress out and give the kids a change of scenery. It will lift everyone’s mood.

Until Tomorrow.

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  1. I will endeavor to copy your moves today! I need to do this anyway, don’t know why I put it off so often.

    1. I don’t walk nearly enough, it should be so easy, but it gets pushed down the list of things to do.

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