Exciting News!

EXCITING NEWS! | The Halfway HomemakerIf you have noticed that I am a little MIA, it is for a good reason. My family and I are moving across country!

January will be a little quiet, but I have lots of fun things to share from some of my favorite bloggers, have link ups every Tuesday for Tasty Tuesdays, and there are a few little fun things here and there.

But the real nitty gritty is happening behind the scenes. My hubby landed an amazing job in New Jersey, so we are uprooting our family from sunny California to horribly cold New Jersey in January. I know, we are slightly crazy, but it will be a great adventure.

I will try to check in with fun tidbits, share our moving trials and tribulations, and fun facts about our new home.

See you on the other side!


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  1. That’s exciting! Hope you have a safe trip and a smooth move across the country! I did the same thing a couple years ago for school and am slowwwwwly making my way back to CA, a couple states at a time!

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