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Getting Fit for Good | The Halfway HomemakerFor the last few months, I have been on and off my diet. Between vacation, a busy October and just life, my health has taken a backseat.

It isn’t that the food I am getting isn’t good. It isn’t that it is impossible to work out, it is just not a priority. But just like our financial goals are a priority, my health needs to be a priority. Just like we have financial plans, we also have plans to get healthy and we are still discussing a third baby. I am in no shape to have another child, I have enough health problems in pregnancy without extra weight to carry around.

I have taken the first step and signed up for my diet full force. Instead of 5 day a week meals, I am back up to 7. My hubby and I are working to save money for a down payment on a new house, so we are trying to cut back on going out to eat. Our grocery bill is strictly diet soda (for the hubs), tea and food for the kids. Any baked goods I make for the site are immediately handed off to family and friends in order to keep us from devouring them.

I love the ease of Diet-to-Go, I am able to pick up the freshly prepared food a mile from our house twice a week. I don’t have to pay for shipping, which is great. I also don’t have to think about making meals all of the time. It takes me 6 minutes to make dinner (3 minutes per meal – I make the kids meals while the food is in the microwave) and I don’t have any real clean-up. The food is also really good. It is fresh, not that horrible cardboard food some other diet plans have. I have steak 3x a week!

My husband loves it because he has certain meals he could eat all week and he pretty much does. It also has a little variety for me. He takes his breakfast and lunch with him to work and doesn’t spend the day snacking at the vending machine. He also stays out of the cafeteria – another money leak for us. Since we have diet soda on hand, he doesn’t need to spend anything during the day and he can stay on track.

For me it is easy during the day, I can just grab a pre-made sandwich or salad and bring it on the road with me. Now there is no excuse to stop and get food at a drive through. And if I have all my food already prepared, then I have no excuse for skipping meals – so a bad habit of mine!

Now that I am committed to the plan, I am instituting weekly goals. They will progressively get harder as I get better on my plan.

So this week – (Wednesday – Tuesday), my goals are as follows:

  • Eat exclusively on the diet
  • No alcohol or soda
  • 8 glasses of water per day
  • Take at least two 1-hour walks

A lady never divulges her weight, but I will say that I want to lose 40lbs. I don’t think it will happen in the next two months, but I will be tracking my losses as a measure of how well I am sticking to the plan.

Wish me luck!


If you are interested in Diet-to-Go, here is a price comparison versus other popular brands. I spent A LOT of time reviewing the costs of the plan when we started. Because we are in savings mode, cost was a very important factor. Now that we are watching every penny, it is even more important to follow the plan and not stray.

Diet Delivery Plan Comparison Chart


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