Getting Healthy

My husband and I constantly go through the cycle of getting healthy then losing track until we look at each other and say we need to get healthy again. In my defense, the last two times I got healthy, I immediately got pregnant.

With the conversation quickly approaching regarding child #3, I am already thinking I need to get my butt in gear. I also have a Hawaiian vacation planned at the end of summer, and momma wants to wear a bikini.

So I spent three hours today looking up new diet plans. I have had great success with Weight Watchers online and Nutrisystem. They are great programs, and  I have always lost 25-30 lbs. The problem is, I no longer feel like going to the store and trying to invent new ways to spice up a packaged pizza. I am just too tired and busy.

I was looking for one of those fancy-pants premade fresh food programs. The ones that the celebrities use to make themselves thin without thinking. As I didn’t want to double my food budget, I started looking for the less fancy-pants versions that still had food already prepared for me.

I was very excited to find Diet-to-Go, premade meals that I pick up less than a mile from my house twice a week. They have 1200 calorie plans as well as 1600 calorie plans, so my husband can have his own meal plan. I now just need to heat the food up in the microwave, and of course make the kids their own food, and voila, dinner is served.

It seems like an extravagance, but honestly, we spend the same amount of money per week on groceries and eating out. Granted, I still need to buy food for the kids, but my daughter has 3 go-to meals that she eats, and my son is still in the puree stage, so it will be a walk in the park. Now grocery shopping can take 20 minutes instead of an hour, and I don’t have to drag myself to the kitchen for an hour every night to cook.

Seriously, shut up and take my money, I am SOLD!

I will check back after my first week of meals and let you know how I am doing!

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