Give Yourself Grace

As a work from home mom, I feel a ton of pressure every day to perform to my fullest as a mom and business owner. No matter how tired I am, or how much I don’t want to show up – there are several people at any given time needing my full attention.

First, my children need me. They are two and four, and although they walk and talk, they can rarely do either without my assistance – needed or otherwise. They have needs that range from feeding and clothing to helping with school functions and providing entertainment throughout the day. They need their noses wiped, and monsters scared away. They usually need a snack the moment they embark on any journey – whether it be a day trip or just a trip to the next room. They are little balls of love and need.

Then my husband. He needs me. No matter how capable he is in his work day, he thrives on having a wife that is well, wifely. This includes the care and feeding, and the ever present sounding board and personal stylist. He appreciates me on a daily basis, but boy, does he have needs. But I need him just as much as he needs me, so I oblige.

Then, as a business owner, I have clients that need me. Their needs vary, but they are usually ever-present. I don’t think I put my head on my pillow with a clear to do list ever. Once my clients are done with their needs, my business has needs of its own – bookkeeping, marketing, planning and so forth. The list goes on.

All of this, it is so exhausting. No matter how much I give to others, I still need to give to myself. I learned a long time ago that you cannot pour from an empty cup. You have nothing to give to anyone else if you are too stressed, too tired, or too worn down to function.

As you go through the business of your day – no matter who needs you – remember that you need yourself. You need to recharge yourself. Take time off, zone out in front of the TV. Hide in the closet with your chocolate. Take that coffee with a friend, no matter what is waiting on your list when you get home.

Some days are meant for hard work and superwoman-like accomplishment. Others are made to get pedicures and take naps. Balance these two days. Make your life richer. Take a break when you need it – no matter how convenient that break is. Sometimes you need to stop before you break.

And sometimes you just need to dance to Frozen with your four year old – just to remind her that once upon a time, you believed you were a princess too.

Stop trying to cram everything into one day. And just say NO to one more thing.

Today, give yourself grace.

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