The Greenest, Meanest Cocktail You’ve Ever Seen

In order to keep you warm during the cold January weather, I have instituted Friday Happy Hour. To assist me in Happy Hour, Amy at Go Forth and Mother has created some special cocktails just for The Halfway Homemaker readers! Next up – The American Shamrock Cocktail.
It’s Amy again! By now, you’ve probably figured out that I have a penchant for vodka martinis. But, that’s not everybody’s thing, so my husband mixed up this specialty cocktail for all you bourbon-lovers today. This is his quick twist on an Irish Shamrock cocktail (traditionally made with Irish whiskey, rather than bourbon, if you’d like to substitute).
The American Shamrock Cocktail | The Halfway Homemaker
I used clear crème de menthe with the Candy Cane Martini, but for this one, it’s more fun to pull out the green crème de menthe for that vibrant color. Mix the following ingredients and serve in a martini glass, or pour over ice and serve in a low-ball glass for a manlier look:
The American Shamrock Cocktail | The Halfway Homemaker
You can tuck this recipe into your back pocket for St. Patrick’s day. Or just drink it now – I won’t judge 🙂

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