Grown-Up Halloween Party Cocktails

Grown-Up Halloween Party Cocktails | The Halfway Homemaker

My favorite holiday, hands-down, is Halloween. I love the scary movies – the fall leaves (that I actually get to experience now) and all the delicious, fun treats of the season.

I am knee-deep in preparations for my son’s birthday party. I love to throw him Halloween-themed parties, but wouldn’t it be fun to have a grown up Halloween party?

I can think of plenty of yummy, grown up, fun treats to eat, but drinks always have me stumped. I have a few basics up my sleeve, a great blue-cheese olive martini, a simple cosmo, and of course, a jalapeno margarita. But fun parties call for fun cocktails.

So I did a little searching and came up with a few fun recipes that will fit in with any delicious party food, but are impressive to serve. Now if only I could get a grown up Halloween party organized in the next few weeks!

While I daydream of big girl parties again, I have found some awesome drink recipes for a Grown-Up Halloween party. I hope you enjoy!


The Ghost Cocktail – Ann’s Entitled Life

Caramel Apple Martini – Nibbles by Nic

Flaming Zombie Cocktail – Ann’s Entitled Life

Mean Green Cocktail – Featured on Halfway Homemaker 🙂

Bloody Mary – Ann’s Entitled Life

Witches Brew – Ann’s Entitled Life

Do you have any cocktails that would fit the bill? Please share!

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