About the Halfway Homemaker

About Jen

A work at home mom of two, I have always been interested in writing, I had even started college with the intention of being a creative writing major.

I needed to be at a breakfast for the special program I had to join the first week of college, and of course my roommate and I slept in. That was the day I decided I needed more discipline to make money writing and immediately switched to business.

I started my own consulting firm 11 years later, which I love. It is creative, challenging, and affords me the luxury to be at home with my little ones.

But a little part of me still wants to write, the power of the written word has always left me in awe.

As a tribute to my flaky, idealistic self, I bestow my opinions and thoughts on you with my little blog. Novel expected in the next 20 years.

About The Halfway Homemaker

Over the last few years, there have been many conversations in the media and in popular culture about “having it all” – being a great Mom, a great wife, a business person, etc. I think just being a great Mom and wife is a tough job.

It is a constant balance. After having two kids hanging on me all day, I don’t want to be needed by my husband. But I know he needs me as much as I need him. We are partners first, our partnership created the forces of nature that are our little girl and boy. And through it all, I still want to contribute financially. I want to have my own business and make a name for myself, and hopefully one day relieve the pressure from my overworked husband.

But as the hours slip by each day, there seems to be less and less time for all my responsibilities. All of the things that need to be done to run the household, all of the needs that need to be met, the dance classes and activities added to enrich their lives. Add to that trying to complete the various projects I have for my clients and sleep seems like a waste of time.

I call myself the Halfway Homemaker because at the end of the day I feel like I do a lot of things halfway. I try to strive to be 100% at everything I do, but I know I can’t. This is my journey to find balance, to make my family feel that they get my 100%, and create financial freedom for my family.

Pretty lofty goals, I know, but I think it is a constant work in progress that deserves attention.

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