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Halloween Birthday Party Banner | The Halfway Homemaker

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I am in full swing of party planning mode. Love decorating for birthday parties and my son’s birthday is no exception. Since we try to have parties at home as much as possible, I tend to go all out on décor and fun for the kids.

A great way to decorate is to use signs – especially for the entrance of the party. I also like to have backdrops for my photo booth – basically a wall where I can take pictures of the party goers.

A great place to find signs is Bestof Signs.com. You can custom design any sign, and have it shipped to your door in days. The prices are incredible, too.

What I really like about the site is that you can use pre-designed signs and customize them to your heart’s content. You can also create a sign from scratch. There is a full editor that allows you to make all the decisions before your design is printed.

A great place to start is to find a pre-designed sign, such as one of these awesome Halloween banners. I love this one:

Best of Signs Banner Editor Tool

Then I can add whatever I like, my son’s name, that it is his birthday, anything I want! Now it is super personal, and I don’t need to spend hours laying it all out. I love quick and easy, especially when there are so many things to think about when decorating for a party.

There is also a custom option. You can visit their custom banner page and create any size sign with anything you want on it. How awesome would it be to have something you design as a huge banner? I am such a perfectionist that I try to stay away from this type of option, only because I could spend HOURS trying to create the PERFECT banner.

But that option is there. If you enjoy the total control over the look and feel of your banner, that is.

I love to keep the banners from my kids’ birthdays, and having a professionally made banner would be an awesome keepsake. My daughter kept her cardboard Ariel banner in her room for over a year!

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