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This guest post was written by Dr. Michelle Rudd, a Associate Veterinarian from Crofton Veterinary Center. The Halfawy Homemaker will be including her animal-friendly posts and tips on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy!

Halloween is one of my favorite nights of the year! The decorations, the costumes and of course the candy!  While Halloween may be a fun time for most of our family there are a few things you can do to make it less scary for your 4 legged family members!

  • Candy, Candy, Candy! While this is probably the best part of the whole night, most of that loot your kids bring home is capable of making your dog or cat very sick or even cause death.  Chocolate is very toxic to dogs and cats.  The darker the chocolate the more toxic it is.  Depending on the amount of chocolate a pet consumes and their weight they can experience GI upset, hyperactivity, seizures and even death!  Make sure to throw out all those wrappers too as ingestion of these can cause intestinal upset and even blockage which may require surgery to fix.
  • Many dogs and cats get nervous and agitated when the door bell rings. Make sure to keep your pets confined to a safe and comfortable room in your house to help minimize the risk of them escaping or possibly scaring a trick-or-treater!  Also make sure you put a collar on your pet with your information so if they do accidently escape they can get back to you faster when they are found.  Reflective collars are available at most pet stores and are great at night! Of course it wouldn’t be Halloween without costumes but if you do dress up your pets keep a few things in mind. Make sure your pet’s costume isn’t too tight or going to make it hard for them to walk.  Also be careful there isn’t any risk of their airway being obstructed or them choking from too tight costumes.  Never leave your pet unattended in their costume either.
  • Halloween is also a time for tricks. Please remember to keep your pets contained, especially the black ones.  Troublemakers are notorious for messing with black cats and the like.
  • Lastly watch your decorations around your pets. Be careful candles are high enough up your pet won’t burn themselves or knock them down and potentially start a fire.  Watch electrical cords as many pets especially cats will chew on them and electrocute themselves!  Don’t put things that your pet could get tangled in close to the floor or that they may decide to chew on.

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Hopefully you and your pets will all have a great Halloween but if you do have any concerns or questions please contact a veterinarian right away.  Happy Halloween!


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  1. These are great tips! I love burning candles and my cats are always curious so I have to keep a close eye on them. And luckily, they’ve never showed an interest in candy.

  2. This is great information; I never really thought about out pets before. We have a black cat who will be staying inside now on Halloween. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You can never be too careful. I wouldn’t have thought of that, but I am sure Dr. Michelle has seen it all!

    1. My beagles hate costumes, I think it is just dangerous trying to get things on them 🙂

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