Hartz Treats and Health

Hartz Treats and Heath

Hartz Treats and Heath


I received free product to evaluate from Hartz Pet Products. The opinions in this post are my own (and my doggies). 

Having moved from California (and tiny yards) to a half acre of property in New Jersey, I have learned a lot about the great outdoors and the implications for my pets.

In South Jersey, ticks are no joke. We have our yard sprayed every three weeks, but that still doesn’t make me feel like my pets are safe. Especially since we let the dogs run free in our backyard.

So an extra layer (or two) of protection is awesome. Enter Hartz’s flea and tick collars and topical prevention. The flea and tick collars are worn just like a second collar, and proctect the dogs from fleas and ticks. They also have a product that you apply right to their coats (along their back) to help prevent fleas and ticks. It is super easy to apply, and dries quickly. Hartz Health Products

My dogs could care less about the flea and tick preventatives, but Lucy was actually happy with another product they offer – the ear cleaner. Beagles are notorious for having stinky ears, and the cleaning solution helps clean out the gunk that she is always getting built up. It is easy to use, just put a few drops in each ear, and then rub the ears to distribute the product. Lucy especially loves the ear rubs.

And last but not least – treats. My dogs seem to only like two types of treats – food and stuffed animals. But they have always ignored any treats that offer dental cleaning or breath freshening. The new exception is the Hartz Chew’n Clean. I have never seen them work so hard on a dental treat. In an hour, they had most of the yummy stuff off and the bones were actually partially chewed. It was absolutely amazing!

Hartz can be found at most grocery stores and drug stores, so you don’t have to go online to order, and the products are awesome. If you have a furry friend that needs a little treat or some health-conscious products to keep them going strong – check out Hartz!



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