How to Remove a Splinter

I have splinters on my mind this week – basically because I got a pretty nasty one the other day. I learned how to remove a splinter without cutting into my foot and I wanted to share!

My wood deck is amazing, but it is not bare-feet friendly. For some reason, the beautiful grain lends itself to big, gnarly splinters of wood. Probably from all the lovely snowy New England winters. Apparently I forgot about this as I walked outside to call the dogs in for dinner the other day.

In my haste to go outside, I walked out barefoot and came back into the house with an one inch splinter sticking out of my foot.


So I immediately pulled it out, but after a minute or so, I realized the point of the splinter was STILL IN MY FOOT. Yep.

I will save you the visuals.

Needless to say, I spent the better part of the day googling ways to get this little painful hunk of wood out of my foot without slicing into my foot.

After 2 days, I was magically able to slip out the tip with only a teensy amount of pain and no blood!

How did I accomplish this, you ask? Baking soda and Epsom salts.

Let me preface this with a disclaimer – if you are BLEEDING, have a splinter under your nails or in your eye or are getting an infection – GO TO THE DOCTOR. This is not for anything other than a clean cut, garden (or deck) variety splinter.

Well, I used a few other things, but those were the magic formula to get the little sucker out of my foot.

First things first, I cleaned the opening with alcohol and put on some Neosporin. Once I cleaned the opening, I created a paste of equal amounts of baking soda and water (about 1 tablespoon) and placed it over the opening of the splinter. Then I put a clean bandaid on it and went about my day.

The next day, it was still sore, but the opening was still clean. So I upped the ante. I then mixed a batch of Epsom Salts paste (equal parts Epsom Salts and water) and placed the paste on my foot. This sat on my foot for about 3 hours.

THEN – the final step – SOAKING. I soaked my foot in a solution of 3 parts warm water to 1 part Epsom Salts. I soaked my foot for about a half hour.

At this point, I was ready to guide the annoying little sucker out of my foot. This required a little prep work.

I cleaned the opening again with alcohol, and got a new bandage ready with Neosporin. Then I took the edge of my tweezers and pushed on the area of my skin where the splinter ended. I then applied a teensy amount of pressure to guide it back through the pocket the splinter created. It took about a minute and wasn’t super painful. Once it got to the opening, I was able to grab the edge with my tweezers and pull it out.

Afterwards, I poured a little more alcohol, then used Neosporin and a clean bandage.

The pastes and soaking opened up the pocket the original splinter created, allowing me to guide out the teensy splinter, and it was mildly painless. The rest of the evening, my foot was sore, but the next day, I felt fine.

Again, this won’t work for every splinter, but if you can still see it under your skin, this is a great way to get out the extra pieces without cutting open your foot.

Hope this helps!

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