Webinar | Industry experts warn Environment Act ‘lacks teeth’

NCE joined forces with Wavin last month to bring you a free webinar to consider the potential of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) to improve water quality in the UK.

The new Environment Act was hotly debated with the panel of industry experts warning that it “lacks teeth” in its current form.

The Act sets out a framework for change, including placing a duty on government to publish a plan by September to reduce the frequency, duration and volume of sewage discharges.

However, with no mandates for change, the panel claims that there needs to be further policy and legislation for the government to deliver on its aims.

In the face of more extreme weather events due to climate change and without additional funding to drive this change, alternative ideas and collaboration is going to be essential. This webinar also explores the potential opportunities SuDS could offer by attenuating surface water run off and reducing the risk of sewage being released by combined sewer overflows.

The key point made during the event is that Wales and England are behind Scotland on focusing on water quality. However, the panel point out that Wales is at an advantage on SuDS as they have SuDS approval bodies in the place of Schedule 3, which England chose not to enact, that would have driven wider use of SuDS.

The panel then discussed the way forward and what the risks are if industry doesn’t take on the issue voluntarily.

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