Innovation Showcase | ADS SuDs system includes pollutions removal


Designing SuDS to remove pollution from surface water must match likely levels of pollution with the performance of SuDS elements. Advanced Drainage Systems UK manager Stuart Crisp reports.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) should be designed with water quantity and water quality in mind. Yet often the water quality element is overlooked,…

The water equation: tackling extreme drought in cities


Climate change is causing global temperatures to continue rising, with the frequency and intensity of major drought incidents becoming much more prevalent. The summer of 2022 was a prime example of these patterns in action across Europe. Wavin commercial manager for urban climate resilience Anthony Kolanko urges action to mitigate…

Why circular water management is the next logical step


It’s time to change how we think about water within housing developments, towns and cities, reversing our dependence on using water only once.

For too long, the linear model of “take, make, consume and waste” has dominated, with water abstracted from the natural environment, “made” drinkable through treatment, used by humans…

Innovation Showcase | Algeco incorporates smart technology to lower energy use in site buildings


Algeco temporary buildings use smart technology to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Building contractors are always seeking new ways to lower energy consumption from temporary site buildings and permanent structures. Integrating smart technology into their site accommodation is a highly effective and relatively low cost way to achieve this.…

Innovation Showcase | Trimble enables project models to be shared across construction teams


BIM-supported common data environments can transform collaborative workflows and accelerate project delivery.

Building and infrastructure design requires the combination of many individual domains and many design iterations as project requirements evolve. Add in the complexity of separate building information modelling (BIM) models used between different parties and it is hard to…

England’s adoption of Schedule 3 is a watershed moment


Across the UK, sewage networks are buckling under the strain of climate change and urbanisation. The mounting pressure on our aging sewage infrastructure is resulting in storm overflows being discharged more frequently into British rivers, lakes and oceans.

Currently new developments in England have an automatic legal right to connect surface…