NCE at 50

NCE at 50 | How predictions from 25 years ago stood the test of time


NCE’s 25th anniversary supplement made predictions for what the world of civil engineering would look like in 2022 – how did those forecasts hold up?

In NCE’s 8 May 1997 issue, the news team reported that the base slab pour at Westminster station on the Jubilee Line Extension had been completed,…

NCE at 50 | Editors’ key moments: Claire Smith 2020-present


Getting journalists onto site quickly to ascertain the contributing factors that have led to engineering failures has been central to the success of the insight NCE has delivered over the last 50 years.  I feel fortunate that, at the time of writing, there have been relatively few major civil engineering…

Future challenges | Ferrovial on skills


Ferrovial Construction’s UK business has high hopes That it can do its bit to address the country’s long standing skills deficit with its new apprentice programme: Futures, mentoring initiatives and career ‘roadmaps’.

Closing the skills gap remains priority number one for the civil engineering sector, says Ferrovial Construction UK’s managing director…

NCE at 50 | Editors’ key moments: Mark Hansford 2013-2019


Bridge collapses have been an ongoing topic for NCE’s news team right from the launch issue. The collapse of the Polcevera viaduct on the A10 in Genoa, Italy on 14 August 2018 killing 43 people and injuring a further 16 sent shockwaves through the industry. It happened just as we…

Company profile | How Concept is laying foundations for growth


Concept Engineering Consultants has gained a firm foothold in the ground investigation market by taking on challenging work. Twenty five years on, the business is pursuing “purposeful growth”.

Ground investigation technology has been a fast developing part of the construction supply chain in recent years and leading players are well established…

Debate | The critical role of collaboration


Civil engineering was once an adversarial industry. Today partnering and collaboration are now commonly used terms, but has the sector really changed and what further shifts are needed? 

NCE’s 25th anniversary issue – published in May 1997 – included an article predicting that battles between clients, contractors and consultants would be…

Future Challenges | WSP on climate change and adaptability


There are opportunities as well as challenges in readying infrastructure to cope with climate change.

Designing infrastructure to ensure that it remains resilient in the face of climate change is becoming more urgent – but effective adaptation involves more than just making it tougher or bigger.  There is increasing awareness that…