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Lighthouse | Rebuilding trust in troubled water industry is paramount


For some time the water sector’s to-do list has been extensive and challenging.

For some time the water sector’s to-do list has been extensive and challenging. This includes reducing overflows from sewers, improving river quality, reducing leaks and increasing the rate of asset replacement for water and wastewater networks. All this…

Innovation Showcase | Stormtech does SuDS differently


Stormtech SuDS attenuation system targets the UK market

StormTech arch-shaped SuDS attenuation chambers from Advanced Drainage Systems have been used on over 50,000 projects worldwide. New Eurocode modelling demonstrates they pass muster for projects in the UK and Europe too. The StormTech underground SuDS attenuation system, that exploits the structural properties…

NCE at 50 | How predictions from 25 years ago stood the test of time


NCE’s 25th anniversary supplement made predictions for what the world of civil engineering would look like in 2022 – how did those forecasts hold up?

In NCE’s 8 May 1997 issue, the news team reported that the base slab pour at Westminster station on the Jubilee Line Extension had been completed,…

NCE at 50 | Editors’ key moments: Mike Winney 1993-1998


Mike Winney died in 2007. This is written by his close former colleague Ty Byrd.

Mike was a highly experienced reporter with many fine stories to his name but the pinnacle of his achievement did not involve words, it was a drawing. A drawing that illustrated much better than any…

NCE at 50 | Editors’ key moments: Hugh Ferguson 1976-1989*


On 23 May 1984, an explosion tore apart the Abbeystead valve house at the recently-completed Lune-Wyre water transfer scheme in Lancashire, killing 16 of a party of visitors and leaving many more seriously injured. It is the only incident I can recall of a civil (or structural) engineering failure in…