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Planning Inspectorate launches trial to enhance pre-application process for large infrastructure projects


The Planning Inspectorate has launched a trial to test potential components of an enhanced pre-application service for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs).

The Planning Act 2008 introduced a new bespoke consenting route for major infrastructure projects in the fields of energy, transport, water, waste and wastewater. Between its introduction in 2010…

Innovation Showcase | Algeco incorporates smart technology to lower energy use in site buildings


Algeco temporary buildings use smart technology to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Building contractors are always seeking new ways to lower energy consumption from temporary site buildings and permanent structures. Integrating smart technology into their site accommodation is a highly effective and relatively low cost way to achieve this.…

Lords back plan to outlaw new coal mines in England


The future of the £165M Woodhouse Colliery coal mine in Cumbria is in doubt after amendments were tabled to the Energy Bill in the House of Lords to outlaw coal mines in England.

Changes to the Energy Bill were voted through by The House of Lords on a wafer-thin margin of…

Energy decarbonisation plans at risk due to lack of delivery plan


The government risks not meeting its ambition to decarbonise power by 2035 because it lacks a delivery plan, the National Audit Office (NAO) has warned.

The government has set an ambition that, by 2035, all electricity should be generated using clean sources, subject to maintaining security of supply, phasing out gas-fired…