Innovation Showcase | Algeco incorporates smart technology to lower energy use in site buildings

Algeco temporary buildings use smart technology to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Building contractors are always seeking new ways to lower energy consumption from temporary site buildings and permanent structures. Integrating smart technology into their site accommodation is a highly effective and relatively low cost way to achieve this.

We now take for granted many well established energy saving solutions such as LED lights, door closers, non-concussive taps, reusable foundation systems, climate control and hybrid power solutions.

To unlock the next level of energy reduction, more sophisticated solutions are required.

One major contractor working on a large scale construction project recently used modular site accommodation manufacturer Algeco’s smart technology solutions in its extensive site accommodation.

This resulted in a 25% energy saving over the course of the project, as well as an impressive 25% reduction in carbon emissions.

Lower energy consumption

Algeco’s core Smart Energy Control+ solution can be integrated into temporary site accommodation and buildings using Bluetooth mesh technology and standalone connectivity.

Sensors, switches and other hardware work together locally to reduce waste and lower energy consumption, while cloud functionality provides a portal for control and bay by bay monitoring.

Heating, cooling and ventilation can be controlled in a way that reduces waste on a level that is not possible through standard heating, ventilation and air conditioning settings. 

Smart sockets also allow for monitoring and control at an individual socket level. The smart sockets – fitted in Algeco’s modular buildings as part of the 360 service –
automatically turn off desk and other sockets out of hours to reduce “small power” waste. At the same time, inbuilt artificial intelligence can detect waste, raise alerts and can even automatically switch off sockets if required.

Maximising efficiencies at every level

Aside from advances in smart technology, Algeco’s site accommodation buildings are lightweight, energy efficient and are designed to minimise CO₂ emissions and keep running costs low.

Construction firms have a unique opportunity to drastically reduce construction site emissions by adopting smart technology.

Smart systems can collect detailed data which can be converted into insights about energy use and trends. This insight can be used to apply incentives, influence user behaviour and implement various energy and cost saving measures, based on the identified trends.

Parameters can be set to reflect how a building and its rooms are to be used. This gives end users a degree of control, enabling them to manage their comfort while the control system ensures that settings do not deviate significantly, preventing waste.

The most sophisticated systems integrate monitoring and feedback loops to identify and minimise waste. Through a combination of alerts and automatic responses, waste is reduced while comfortable environmental conditions are still maintained.

  • Published in partnership with Algeco

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