Innovation Showcase | Trimble enables project models to be shared across construction teams

BIM-supported common data environments can transform collaborative workflows and accelerate project delivery.

Building and infrastructure design requires the combination of many individual domains and many design iterations as project requirements evolve.

Add in the complexity of separate building information modelling (BIM) models used between different parties and it is hard to keep track of the most up to date design model.

BIM-supported common data environments (CDE) like Trimble Quadri, enable real-time collaboration among all project designers.

Architects, engineers and design-involved subcontractors can feel confident knowing they are working from the latest project model, reducing the need for rework.

With Trimble Connect, teams can complete clash detection and create a more robust overall project design with one centralised project model.

View and extract data from BIM model without BIM software access

Architects and engineers are typically the only project team members with access to BIM software.

This situation makes sense as BIM software is expensive and often limited to just those that directly dictate the design.

However, it is not necessarily ideal, as contractors and owners could benefit from the additional data found within a BIM model that is not included in the construction documents.

With CDE, all project stakeholders retain access to the latest BIM model. Contractors can extract detailed design renderings to assist construction efforts or generate ad hoc reports of object properties to support project purchasing efforts.

Uniting office and field teams with integrated field apps and equipment

Without intentional communication aided by digital tools, office and field teams on a construction project can end up entirely disconnected. If those planning the work are not synchronised with those executing the work, efficiency drops and errors increase.

Most CDEs are updated in real time so, when used with field equipment, teams can send and receive information directly. For example, machine guidance systems can connect directly to a centralised project model to receive field layout points, then send as-built data and task statuses back to the storage database.

Common data environment platforms

Cloud-based CDE platforms like Trimble Quadri provide a variety of functions that serve different market sectors and project team goals.

Trimble Quadri is BIM CDE software for infrastructure and civil projects that offers continuous sharing of project models in production. The software allows project teams to work from a centralised BIM model. Users design in a live updated collaboration model with a bidirectional workflow while still using their preferred design software. Quadri Connectors enable compatibility with popular industry software, like SketchUp, Tekla Structures, Civil 3D, Revit and OpenRoads. Trimble Quadri works exclusively with linear infrastructure projects, like roads and railways.

The software is object-based – the model uses a collection of objects with encoded data that describes how the objects relate to each other. The object-based model allows real-time design updates, so the team always designs from the latest model.

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