Innovative Thinking

Innovation Showcase | Net zero water


With increasing pressure on water resources, can marginal gains move water supply closer to net zero? By Steve Leigh and Richard Leigh.

Climate change, population growth and increasingly leisure orientated lifestyles are all creating greater demand for water. This has been exacerbated by the increase in demand generated by home workers,…

Innovation Showcase | Brilliant Ideas on outrigger mat specifications


Should specifying mats to support outrigger cranes be more tightly regulated?

Mobile cranes apply high pressure onto the ground through their outriggers. With concerns about climate change and extreme variable weather conditions, ground load bearing test results for any given area can vary from day to day. Ground conditions under a…

Innovation Showcase | Fugro’s new ground investigation method


Fugro has developed a ‘next generation’ ground investigation technique.

Ground investigation can be constrained by conventional techniques but Fugro’s Deep Line offers a new approach. Onshore investigation methods used in the London Basin illustrate how ground investigations can be limited by the available techniques. Cone penetration tests (CPTs) performed from the…

Innovation Showcase | NDT innovation


Undetected corrosion is often the failure mechanism of post tensioned bridge collapses, such as that of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa. It is these hidden defects which often belie the apparent integrity of bridges. Unfortunately, the required inspection programme in its traditional form is time consuming and limited in its…

Structural Fixings | Finding the right solution


Selection of a structural anchor should be based on the performance needed for each application but how much is the decision process driven by previous specifications or brand? NCE joined forces with anchor specialist Liebig to look in detail at the issue.

The variety of off the shelf anchors and fixings…