InstaNatural Eye Care Review

InstaNatural Eye Care Review | The Halfway HomemakerI had the great opportunity to take InstaNatural’s eye products for a test drive, and after just a few days, I am feeling completely different about my eyes and the skin around them.

As a 30-something mom, I know all too well how important taking care of my eyes is. The week I turned 30, I spent entirely too much money at Sephora because I was starting to see the fine lines around my eyes. I also had to hear about my dark circles as I was getting my makeup done for my headshot photoshoot. That is one way to make a girl insecure about her eyes.

InstaNatural has a great Youth Express Eye Serum. This funny-looking orange gel is like a magic wand for your fine lines and dark circles. As a girl who thinks that bags are just a part of getting older (and reduced sleep), I was amazed at the results in just a few days. The fine lines are starting to get filled in and the dark circles are starting to recede toward my nose instead of marching across my cheeks. The skin under my eyes also feels softer and well moisturized.

The other product that InstaNatural offers is the Youth Express Eye Gel. It is actually more than an eye gel – it is also great for the dreaded t-zone and cheeks. My cheeks are always red and dry under my makeup, and I actually found myself going out without makeup more this week and didn’t feel self-conscious about it. Because I always feel self-conscious without at least some type of tinted cream and eye makeup (to distract from the raccoon-eyes).

I used these products in tandem with InstaNatural’s other skin creams, and after just 7 days, I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin tone, look and feel. These products are also great because you get HUGE containers of everything. I am always wary of products that don’t come in thimble-sized portions because I somehow feel that they don’t stack up to the insanely expensive creams that prey on your vanity. But all the products are great quality and work well. I was impressed with InstaNatural and I think you will be too!

Please note that this  is a sponsored post for InstaNatural and I have received product for free in exchange for my review. The opinions are my own and not indicative of the opinions or positions of  InstaNatural . 

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