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InstaNatural Skin Cream Review | The Halfway HomemakerI had the great opportunity to try out a few skin creams from InstaNatural. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was blown away with how great my skin looked and felt after just a week of use. I have to start out by saying that I was a little confused – the products come in HUGE packages. You get a lot of cream for your buck – and that usually spells disaster for skin care. But I was actually pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products and how well they worked.

First – The Cellulite Cream. I have tried my share of creams in the past, I have always been a little concerned with the “orange peel” on my thighs. I have never been completely sold that the creams were actually doing anything to my skin. But, after just a week’s use, I am starting to see a difference with InstaNatural’s cellulite cream. The cellulite hasn’t magically disappeared, but my skin is starting to even out and the dimples are becoming less deep. The cream is super thick and adds a lot of moisture to my skin, something that I am always lacking, especially in the winter months. Definitely a winner.

Next, the Age-Defying Moisturizing Cream. My face is always dry. I had severe acne as a teen and was on Accutane. If you don’t know what Accutane is, it is a oral medication that treats severe acne. It also dries up any oil in your skin – permanently. My cystic acne is gone, save a few scars, but so is any moisture in my skin. So moisture is a big deal for me. The cream is super rich and keeps me moisturized all day long. Which is a pretty amazing feat. I also used it with the eye cream and serum (detailed in another post), and I am starting to notice the fine lines in my face start to recede. As an over-30 mom, I know that the lines are only going to get worse, so it is great to see the lines start to fade – after only a week of use. Another win!

Finally – the Stretch Mark & Scar Cream. Ok, no one likes to admit to stretch marks. I have a few, mostly on my decolletage. I also have a few on my hips. Luckily, after two kids, my stomach has escaped unscathed, but I am still self conscious. This cream did a great job in starting to blend my stretch marks into my unmarked skin. I don’t have purple marks, but rather shiny lines which can be just as ugly. The shiny lines are starting to lose their shiny quality. That is pretty amazing in itself.

And the scars – I have a few here and there, but I am super self-conscious about one on my face. Right on top of my cheek and below the fine skin of my eyes, I have a small crescent scar. The scar is actually from a dog bite – my mom’s cocker spaniel bit me in the face when I was about 12. I never needed stitches, it was more of a warning nip – I had been pulling on the poor dog’s ears and getting in her face. It has always been there, but as I have started to lose weight and volume in my face, it has become more noticeable. With the scar cream and the eye serums I have been using from InstaNatural, I have started to see the scar fade. It is pretty much a miracle, because I was just telling my husband how much the scar was bugging me, and now it is almost unnoticeable. It really is a great product that you need to try.

So in conclusion, all three products are winners. I was sold on the quality (and the quantity) of the products and have seen a great improvement in my skin in a very short amount of time. So if you are looking for great quality at a great price, definitely check out InstaNatural.

Please note that this  is a sponsored post for InstaNatural and I have received product for free in exchange for my review. The opinions are my own and not indicative of the opinions or positions of  InstaNatural.


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