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Virtual Assistant Business Success Course | The Halfway HomemakerAfter a really, really long year, I have finally started settling into creating all of those things that sit month after month on my “to-do” list. Right behind posting and keeping up with all the administrative things that I need to do for my business.

I have to say, the last few months, I found the burst of energy I needed to get two {BIG!} projects up and running. (With two kids who don’t start school until TODAY, that was no small feat!)

FIRST! You may all know that I am finally launching my Virtual Assistant Business Success course. I probably talk TOO MUCH about it, but honestly, I am scary excited about it. The program is about the business aspects of what I do as a virtual services provider. I have positioned myself as a Business Development Professional after years of hit-and-miss branding, and have realized the potential that comes with thinking outside the “VA” box.

I am so excited to share my experience and hope that it can inspire just a few to really reach the goal of being able to work from home on their own terms. I am really passionate about it, I have been home with my kids since my daughter’s birth. It makes me so fulfilled to be able to be home with them while still being able to work and help my family’s bottom line. Not everyone has the luxury to just up and quit their jobs when they have a child, and I want to help others unlock that possibility.

SECOND! While working on my course, I spent a lot of time revisiting my Business Success Coaching material. It seriously goes hand in hand. Not only do you need to follow the action steps to becoming a successful businessperson, you also have to change your mindset. As I was working through putting together my AWESOME (if I do say so myself) course, I found myself putting together even MORE material that was complementary to the course, but also perfect for anyone looking to create a successful business.

That is where the best part comes in – I FINALLY(!!!) organized my Business Success Coaching Program. I have been working on this for YEARS. Yes, years. My daughter was a year old when I finished my certification for Business Success Coaching. I have always been interested in how positive thinking and visualization can reset your mind, and my training has addressed how to really put yourself into the mindset that you can be successful – so you can open yourself up to success.

But the important takeaway is that I have launched my Business Success Coaching Program. It is fun, it is hard work, and it is life-changing! With NLP, you definitely learn to get out of your own way.

But with both of these launching, I am a little bit crazed, but so energized. I know it is so much to take on both at the same time, but I really feel that I am finally in the right place to get these two HUGE projects out into the world where they can do good for so many people. It is hard out there without knowing your way, and I really feel like having a purpose grounds you and helps you create the success YOU DESERVE.

If you want to know more about the Virtual Assistant Business Success Course – it LAUNCHES TODAY!! – click HERE!

And if you want to know more about my super-duper AWESOME Business Success Coaching Program – click HERE!

If you take both – there is even a little bonus!!

Thanks for hearing me out. I am just so excited, I have to tell SOMEONE (well, everyone, but hopefully you find all this as exciting as I DO!).

~ Jen 🙂

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