Kids’ Artwork Display

Kids' Artwork Display

Kids' Artwork DisplayThe Artwork Avalanche. If you have young kids in any type of school program, you know what I am talking about.

They come home with a mountain of construction paper pictures, crayon drawings, and random art pieces every day. I secretly think my daughter’s preschool owns stock in construction paper companies.

When you get the sheer number of art pieces that we do, it gets hard to actually “do” anything with them. My filing cabinet is full, the refrigerator is only so big, and if I just leave them in a pile in her room they will just get crunched.

Parents will tell you to just edit out the best and toss the rest. Then frame the winners in expensive art frames that interchange the pages at any given time. This is great, except for the fact that a) I am not organized, b) the “best” pieces change on an hourly basis according to my three year old.

In an effort to clutter-free my home, I decided to embrace the artwork and create a display that showcases many pieces in a pretty way.

If you spend any time on pinterest, you can find great solutions to the problem, but here is what I came up with:

Kids' Artwork Display


We had a huge blank wall with just a high shelf, so I decided to take advantage of it. I used a wire curtain rod (very important when you are installing it to have a good pair of wire cutters – dull ones do not work as I learned the hard way) and strung the wire through the wire clothespins prior to installing the wire.  This prevents random clothespins winding up in my one year old’s mouth. I strung it up high enough that it is out of my little one’s reach, but not too high that my toddler can’t appreciate it.

I then found a super cute wall decal to embellish my display and started hanging her pictures. The clips come in packs of 50, which is a little overkill, I put about 30 up, so that allows for 30 + pieces of artwork or pictures, depending on how you hang them.

My daughter loves to see all of her art, and I like that you can actually enjoy all of the pictures, instead of them ending up on the bottom of her toybox.

Hope this inspires you to do something fun with your kid’s artwork!


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  1. {Kathy} I love looking at my kids’ art now that they are older. You can really see their personalities and expressiveness so early. Thanks for sharing this sweet method of letting them know how important we think their work really is!

    1. Thanks, I love how excited my daughter is to show off her various works of art now.

  2. Very cute! I like the idea of a permanent display for your children’s artwork that can be changed out as they grow. My son is just one, but I know we will be having plenty of artwork to display soon!

    1. It definitely creeps up on you. My youngest is turning one and I am thinking of making one to display pictures for him. I finally discovered how fun it is to print out pictures on my snazzy printer and I am obsessed!

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