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Valentine's Day Guide | The Halfway HomemakerIn our house, the romantic gifts have definitely fallen by the wayside. Especially after two kids. We show how much we love each other with thoughtful, if not practical gifts.

MMission Belt | The Halfway Homemakery husband rarely buys things for himself, and has to be dragged to the store to buy clothes. He has no problem buying several suits for work every year or so, but he isn’t one to get things that he needs on a regular basis. One of the items he is always in need of is a good belt.

He uses traditional leather belts, but they always seem to look a little ragged over time. He lost a bit of weight this year, so you can see the indent where he used to notch his belt loud and clear when he wears it. He is continuing losing weight, so the belt he used to wear is also starting to look a little too long on him.

The answer to the ragged belt syndrome is the Mission Belt. This awesome belt has no holes, and has an innovative clasp that locks the belt every 1/4″. You can also adjust it at the clasp to make the belt longer. It also has a crack free leather,Mission Belt | The Halfway Homemaker and the clasp looks elegant and is pretty cool. They come in two different widths and multiple lengths. You can also change out the buckles, which is great for the fashionista in your life.

My husband is a purist, he just needs brown and black belts, but they also have different metals, designs and teams for the buckles and the leathers come in a rainbow of colors. They even have a kid’s collection. And for you Shark Tank Fans – they won an investment from Daymon John.

So if you are looking for affordable luxury (and practical) for your sweetie on Valentine’s day, look no further than Mission Belt!


Please note I received complimentary product from Mission Belt in order to feature it in my guide. The opinions expressed are my own and not that of Mission Belt

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