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Mom Owned Business Spotlight

Welcome to the Mom Owned Business Spotlight. In each installment, I will feature a new Mom Business Owner. I am so excited to show how different each business is as well as how everyone has different experiences and lessons that go along with entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur that started my business when my daughter was born, I am passionate about business ownership, as well as honoring the mom experience while growing your business.

 Today, I am asking 10 questions of Bobbi Benski of Cosette Nicole Skincare.


Photo Courtesy Bobbi Benski
Photo Courtesy Bobbi Benski

Tell me a little about yourself. Who do you share your life with?

Hi I’m a mom of 3 (2 away in college) and 15 year old daughter that I homeschool. I’m married to an amazing hardworking and driven man who is super supportive of me doing my thing (running my business).

How did you get into business? Did it just happen one day? Did you have an exit strategy from your day job? Do you still have a day job? I love to hear how women got their start in business!

I started my first business (bath and body products) 13 years ago and that one did ‘just happen’ I ran it for 9 years and then sold it. We moved

Photo Courtesy Bobbi Benksi
Photo Courtesy Bobbi Benksi

across the country and I’ve been freelancing since then. Last year I consciously decided to start my new company (a skincare line), but this time to do all the prep work, planning and branding before actually launching. I officially launched last week. I haven’t worked outside the home since I got married, but I have always considered what I do in my home and with my children, to be my ‘day job’ plus on top of it I’ve always had my business. I started homeschooling my daughter 4 years ago, so my busyness level skyrocketed! As far as exit strategy, well the kids do grow up and become self sufficient, and go off to college, so I knew I needed something that would keep me busy, make me feel fulfilled and keep me working towards our big financial goals.

What makes you excited to “go to work” each day? What helps you push through the long days?

I love creating products that work! I have a huge desire to simplify women’s skincare routines, so you can address all your skins needs without 15 different products on your bathroom counter. I have been able to make a huge difference in my skin, and seen such great improvement in my daughters teenage skin that I just want to share it with everyone!

What is the hardest thing about being a mom and being in business for you? What tradeoffs do you make when trying to balance both?

Photo Courtesy Bobbi Benski
Photo Courtesy Bobbi Benski

My time isn’t always for my kids. When they are busy, sometimes it means I take calls while I’m driving them to sports or to friends, but I always made sure school pickup time was strictly for us. I talked to them about their days during that time, heard their triumphs and complaints and gave them the encouragement they needed. So time is a big trade-off, but I would say that my kids seeing me run a successful business while still being at home with them, and being a good mom and wife, shows them that they can do it too. In fact my oldest son’s girlfriend just told me he said he wants to be able to give her the ability to pursue finding her business love, and creativity, because he watched me do it his whole life. He values the juggle that it was and the major fulfillment and benefits it gave not just me but my whole family.

Tell me about your business! What do you do/make? Who are your ideal clients?

I have a facial and body skincare line. My skincare products are targeted to women 25-45 years old who might still be dealing with acne but are also wanting to hit the signs of aging head on. My products are formulated to address both concerns in one product, rather than one for acne and one for anti-aging. I’m all about simplifying your skincare routine! My cleanser that is also awesome for teenage skin, to curb acne and keep their skin renewed and youthful. My daughter swears by it.

Where can we find your business online? Please include your social media links as well!

You can find my products on my Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Where do you work geographically? Do you work from home, have an office?

I work from home, from the local coffee shop, and sometimes even at the beach. I live in Southern California so I take advantage of the weather and the water.

For someone considering starting their own business, what advice would you give them? How would you encourage them to start out?

I would say, have a plan. Know where you want to go and then plan the steps to get there. Don’t be afraid of technology, it’s your friend and yes you can learn it, it just takes time. Seek help, sure you can do it all by yourself, but if you don’t have to, don’t. Put your energy into what makes your business great and what makes the money. Don’t forget about all the nuts and bolts of running a business, those are important, but if you know people who can help with those things, ask for their help! And if you sell, don’t be scared of it! know your product inside and out, and have faith that what you have created is great, and others will love it too.

What do your kids think about your business? Do they think what you do is awesome?

My kids think it’s pretty amazing, and cool to see what things I can create. They are definitely my big encouragers! They even share my

Photo Courtesy Bobbi Benski
Photo Courtesy Bobbi Benski

products with their friends!

Lastly, if you had to do it all over again, what change would you make, if any?

Because I have started my second skincare company, I got to ask this of myself over a year ago. One of the biggest changes was having professional looking labeling and branding done. I did the research to find companies with low minimums and costs. I could do everything myself and I did before, but now because all my branding materials are being printed on professional films and papers, everything looks way more high end. Also less is more, I realized that I didnt need a ton of products, I just needed really good products and a reason why my customers would love them! If I ever do it over again, I would try to save about $5-10k, first, to get things started off on the right foot, much more easily!!

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, Bobbi! If you have questions for Bobbi, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks for checking out this installment of Mom Owned Business Spotlight!

Mom Owned Business Spotlight with Bobbi Benski of Cosette Nicole Skincare.
Mom Owned Business Spotlight with Bobbi Benski of Cosette Nicole Skincare.

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