10 Questions with Photographer Laura Jennings

Mom Owned Business Spotlight

Welcome to the Mom Owned Business Spotlight. In each installment, I will feature a new Mom Business Owner. I am so excited to show how different each business is as well as how everyone has different experiences and lessons that go along with entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur that started my business when my daughter was born, I am passionate about business ownership, as well as honoring the mom experience while growing your business.

 Today, I am asking 10 questions of Photographer Laura Jennings

Photo Courtesy Laura Jennings Photography
Photo Courtesy Laura Jennings Photography

Tell me a little about yourself. Who do you share your life with?

Husband of nearly 10 years and 3 kiddos (ages 15, 7 and 1!)

How did you get into business? Did it just happen one day? Did you have an exit strategy from your day job? Do you still have a day job? I love to hear how women got their start in business!

I was honestly tired of working for other people. Always working the hardest and getting paid the least. I had 2 kids at the time and missed

Mom Owned Business Spotlight
Photo Courtesy Laura Jennings

them dearly, knowing we wanted to have one more. I had dreams of success and they weren’t going to happen sitting behind a desk all day working for someone else’s dream.

What makes you excited to “go to work” each day? What helps you push through the long days?

I love what I do. I create memories that was last several lifetimes. From your wedding day, to your first anniversary, your growing family…. I believe photos are so important and everyone has a special story to tell.

What is the hardest thing about being a mom and being in business for you? What tradeoffs do you make when trying to balance both?

It’s so hard to feel like you’re giving 100% at both “jobs”. That “mom guilt” always creeps in and you wonder if what you’re doing is right. But I believe that your kids see you working your tail off, chasing dreams and creating a life for them that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Tell me about your business! What do you do/make? Who are your ideal clients?

Mom Owned Business Spotlight
Photo Courtesy Laura Jennings Photography

I am a destination family and wedding photographer. I am based out of Panama City Beach, Florida, but travel the world (literally!)

Where can we find your business online? Please include your social media links as well!

You can see my work on my Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Where do you work geographically? Do you work from home, have an office?

I work from a study/ office room in my home.

For someone considering starting their own business, what advice would you give them? How would you encourage them to start out?

Do your market research, invest in a good website and SEO and surround yourself with people who support you and your dreams. Block everything else out. It’s just fluff!

What do your kids think about your business? Do they think what you do is awesome?

Mom Owned Business Spotlight
Photo Courtesy Laura Jennings

They tell me all the time they are proud of me! My 7 year old son has taken up learning how to use my film camera. My daughter (15) likes to assist me at shoots and weddings, when I let her. They love learning!

Lastly, if you had to do it all over again, what change would you make, if any?

I would have taken the leap sooner!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, Laura. If you have questions for Laura, please ask them in the comments below. Thanks for tuning in to this installment of the Mom Owned Biz Spotlight!


Learn about Laura Jennings and how she balances being a mom, Air Force Wife and Artist!
Learn about Laura Jennings and how she balances being a mom, Air Force Wife and Artist!

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