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Mom Owned Business Spotlight

Welcome to the Mom Owned Business Spotlight. In each installment, I will feature a new Mom Business Owner. I am so excited to show how different each business is as well as how everyone has different experiences and lessons that go along with entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur that started my business when my daughter was born, I am passionate about business ownership, as well as honoring the mom experience while growing your business.

I am so excited to talk today with Lindsay Sullivan of Elle Pea Tee!

Photo Courtesy Lindsay Sullivan
Photo Courtesy Lindsay Sullivan

Tell me a little about yourself. Who do you share your life with?

Hello! My name is Lindsay Sullivan. I am lucky enough to share my life with my husband Michael, two busy toddlers (McKenna 4 and James 2) and our rescue dog Mr.Berkley

How did you get into business? Did it just happen one day? Did you have an exit strategy from your day job? Do you still have a day job? I love to hear how women got their start in business!

I started making sugar scrubs for family and friend as Christmas gifts. I found while doing so, that I really enjoyed the process. One day at work, I looked at my co-worker and said, “I’m going to start my own business” and I did. I worked full time for two years while starting to dream and gather ideas and resources. After things started to take off, I went down to part time and continued for another year. This past June I was finally able to submit my oh-so-satisfying letter of resignation.

What makes you excited to “go to work” each day? What helps you push through the long days?

I get so excited to open up my studio, turn on the radio, throw my hair under a hairnet and push up my sleeves. I have an excellent relationship with my customers and I love being able to make things that have helped with skin issues and boosting confidence with products I have made from scratch. My business bestie help me push through long days! I can’t tell you how necessary it is to get out there and network. Find someone else who is going through what you are, your family loves you, but they just don’t really get it. I can text these girls at 1am in a panic and I know that if they are awake, I will get a virtual hug and a kick in the pants. Making EllePeaTee successful for me and for my family is my driving force.

What is the hardest thing about being a mom and being in business for you? What tradeoffs do you make when trying to balance both?

The hardest part of being a momtrepreneur is finding a way to say “no” to guilt. I don’t feel guilty when I drop them off at school and treat myself to a hot cup of coffee while I update my Etsy shop. You have to treat yourself! I don’t feel guilty when they are in school all week and I have a show from 8am – 5pm on a Saturday and Sunday, because when I get home they have my undivided attention. I am doing them just as much for them as I am myself. My tradeoff is sacrificing my “me” time. I just tell myself when I am sipping my warm cup of coffee and typing away feverishly that, I am happy in this moment, because I am. Balance is a funny word, it pretty much should be stamped on our hands the minuet we become mothers as a reminder to take a deep breath and go with the flow. It will get done, just perhaps not in the order we would have liked it to.

Tell me about your business! What do you do/make? Who are your ideal clients?

EllePeaTee is a Buffalo, NY based producer of fresh, fun, handcrafted bath and beauty products. My customers are working women aged between 18-45 years with a healthy lifestyle outlook. Our customers are looking for natural/organic ingredient based skincare to provide themselves or their families without breaking the bank to do so.

Where can we find your business online? Please include your social media links as well!

You can find my products in my shop, you can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also join my super awesome VIP club here:  no spam, ever and you get exclusive access to discounts, giveaways and updates!

Where do you work geographically? Do you work from home, have an office?

I work in my home. I have two rooms designated (well…taken over) just for EllePeaTee.

For someone considering starting their own business, what advice would you give them? How would you encourage them to start out?

Do your research! Dream big and start small. Look for actual wholesalers (if you are looking to do a product based business), this research in the beginning will save you a lot of time and money down the road. Starting small helps you to fine tune your vision. This is not what I did and boy – was that an expensive life lesson.

What do your kids think about your business? Do they think what you do is awesome?

Photo Courtesy Lindsay Sullivan
Photo Courtesy Lindsay Sullivan

My kids are still pretty little, but my four year old gets so excited when she gets to “help” me make bath bombs. We put her favorite music on and it’s an amazing feeling to share something I love so much, with someone I love so much. She’s really proud (which makes my heart want to explode), she goes to school and tells everyone that she was really busy making bombs last night (high five to my forehead) haha. Out of the mouths of babes.

Lastly, if you had to do it all over again, what change would you make, if any?

If I was going to start all over again, I would follow my own advice and start smaller. I would make less products focusing on quality, not quantity and I would hunker down and do my research before diving in to buying equipment and supplies.


Thanks so much for answering my questions, Lindsay! If you have any questions for Lindsay, please ask them in the comments below! Thank you for checking out this edition of Mom Owned Business Spotlight!

Mom Owned Business Spotlight with Lindsay Sullivan of Elle Pea Tea
Mom Owned Business Spotlight with Lindsay Sullivan of Elle Pea Tea

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