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Mom Owned Business Spotlight

Welcome to the Mom Owned Business Spotlight. In each installment, I will feature a new Mom Business Owner. I am so excited to show how different each business is as well as how everyone has different experiences and lessons that go along with entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur that started my business when my daughter was born, I am passionate about business ownership, as well as honoring the mom experience while growing your business.

Today, I am talking with artist Melinda Grace

Melinda Grace Artist

Tell me a little about yourself. Who do you share your life with?

Hello! My name is Melinda. I am an artist, an Air Force wife, and a mother to one adorable 3 year old boy.

How did you get into business? Did it just happen one day? Did you have an exit strategy from your day job? Do you still have a day job? I love to hear how women got their start in business!

I went to art school with the plan of being an art teacher. After a year in school I feel in love with creating and decided to focus on making art instead of teaching art. After our son was born art became my full time gig.

Photo Courtesy Melinda Grace
Photo Courtesy Melinda Grace

What makes you excited to “go to work” each day? What helps you push through the long days?

The blank canvas. Sharing my joy. The challenge of creating new work.

What is the hardest thing about being a mom and being in business for you? What tradeoffs do you make when trying to balance both?

I love being a mom and I love that I get to stay home with our son. Finding the balance between mom, wife & artist has occasionally been a challenge. I have to remind myself that my needs, passions, and joys, are just as important as everyone else’s in the family.

Tell me about your business! What do you do/make? Who are your ideal clients?

I make art 🙂 I work in mixed media and watercolors. Landscapes, florals, and whatever else inspires me. My ideal client is looking for a beautiful unique piece of art to hang on their own wall or to gift to a treasured friend. She is young, hip, and appreciates art.

Where can we find your business online? Please include your social media links as well!

You can find me at my Website, on Facebook and Instagram.

Where do you work geographically? Do you work from home, have an office?

We are currently living in Okinawa, Japan. My art studio is located in our home.

Photo Courtesy Melinda Grace
Photo Courtesy Melinda Grace

For someone considering starting their own business, what advice would you give them? How would you encourage them to start out?

Do it! Forget your fear! Put yourself out there! You will never please everyone. Share your passion. There will be hard days, days you want to give up, keep going. Give yourself grace. Have fun!

What do your kids think about your business? Do they think what you do is awesome?

Being 3, I’m not sure he appreciates that mommy is an artist. When I do projects with him I always think about how much I wish my mom would have done creative things with me, she is not particularly artistic. I hope he appreciates that he gets to grow up in a home where he is encouraged to create.

Recently I turned a corner of my studio into an art space for him. Lots of glue, clay, crayons, markers, paint. I think he thinks that is pretty

Photo Courtesy Carolyn Spranger Photography
Photo Courtesy Carolyn Spranger Photography

awesome 🙂

Lastly, if you had to do it all over again, what change would you make, if any?

I would have gotten over my fear and insecurity and started sooner.

Thank you so much, Melinda, for taking the time to answer my questions. If you have questions for Melinda, please ask them in the comments below. Thank you for joining us on this installment of the Mom Owned Business Spotlight!










Mom Owned Business Spotlight - Learn about Melinda Grace and how she balances being a mom, Air Force Wife and Artist!
Learn about Melinda Grace and how she balances being a mom, Air Force Wife and Artist!

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