My Go-To Thanksgiving Recipes

My Go-To Thanksgiving Recipes | The Halfway Homemaker

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, because, well, it involves food. I love to cook, and I am always up for an excuse to make a delicious holiday meal, even though I feel like sometimes I get in over my head.

In order to make Thanksgiving easier, I have pared down my substantial list of recipes to a few that my family loves, and make my life easier because they are easy, don’t require tons of prep – just a little planning.

Here is my list of my go-to thanksgivingĀ recipes that make the whole process easy – and not overwhelming!

First – Turkey! I ALWAYS brine my turkey. It makes it so much juicier, and my husband swears he can tell the difference. Here is my perfect Brine recipe – just make sure to start the process a day or two before you plan to cook the bird:

Brine for Poultry | The Halfway Homemaker

We have milk allergies in my house, so I always make two macaroni and cheese recipes. If you boil enough macaroni, you can make both with no problem – and even a little leftovers, if you are lucky!

Vegan Mac and Cheese


The Best Mac and Cheese Ever | The Halfway Homemaker

My warm spinach salad is an old family recipe. It is delicious, packed with spinach, tangy, and has my favorite – bacon. It is awesome, because, well, bacon:



Warm Spinach Salad |The Halfway Homemaker

My husband and I had these last year when we went to Hawaii, we had his special birthday dinner in our condo with a private chef. We both loved these green beans, and I have made them ever since. They are delicious, and remind us of our favorite vacation spot:


South Shore Chef's Black Bean Green Beans

My husband request my dutch apple pie every year. Something about the streusel topping and buttery crust always hits the spot. I love it slightly warm with vanilla ice cream:


Dutch Apple Pie | The Halfway Homemaker

I love serving fresh roasted veggies and homemade bread as well.

Hope this inspires you to make an easy on you (and delicious) Thanksgiving meal, without all the stress.


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