My Secret to Saving Money

My Secret to Saving Money | The Halfway HomemakerMy secret to saving money is simple – I track how much I spend religiously.

If you find that you are always in the position that you have more month than money, you might need to spend some quality time tracking your spending.

The other component is to ensure that you know how much you are bringing in each month. You know what your salary is, but are you really comparing your spending with your net income each month?

I have noticed that I always have numbers in my head of how much I should be spending each month on different budget categories. I also know in my head how much my husband make each month. By our calculations, we should be able to live within our means and still put savings away each month.

But sometimes that savings doesn’t happen, or we even find that we need to pull from savings on rare occasions. But how can this happen?

It is simple – because the numbers in my head don’t always match up with reality. And maybe we went out to eat 4 times instead of 3. Or I forgot about that doctor bill we had to pay. With this worksheet, all of our spending and income is written out in black and white. And numbers don’t lie.

In order to really track your spending, there are different areas of your financial picture that you need to keep track of – your income, your fixed expenses, and your flexible expenses. This spreadsheet is perfect to help you track what you are doing on a weekly and monthly basis.

With this spreadsheet, you are able to track how much you are spending each week in each different category.


It even tells you if you overspend. Eating Out

It is super easy to set up, all the formulas are in the worksheet, so it really just requires you to input your personal information.

If you need to get your finances under control, or just better want to understand where your money goes each month, this worksheet is for you!

Price: $1.99


If you decide on the personalized option, I will customize the worksheet to your specific needs.


Customized Option: $9.99

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