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We have now arrived at my favorite time of the year! From Halloween to New Year, I am always excited about all of the festivities, the almost fall-like (in California) weather, and the time spent with my family. Also, the food is usually pretty spectacular.

It is also a great time to reflect on the past year. What goals did I meet this year? What has changed over the past year? What needs improvement? I also start to work on my next year goals. There are two months left in the year, but I need to position myself to have a great year so I can relax around this time next year.

This month, I have a few exciting things planned out. First of all, in preparation for the holiday spending extravaganza and some big money plans next year, I will be starting a weekly series on finances. This month the topic will be Financial Responsibility and it will post every Friday. Each week, I will be discussing goal setting, money tracking, cutting costs and saving. It is important to have all four cornerstones in order to be financially responsible. In order to make sure that you are taking care of your family’s needs, you need to understand the ins and outs of all four. I am really excited about this series and I hope you are too!

Also, in observance of Thanksgiving, I will be having a Thankful Thursdays – The Art of Gratefulness series. If you would like to be featured in the series, please visit the Gratefulness page for more information. There will also be a series on getting ready for T-day – including a great printable checklist to make sure that you are on track to get the turkey on the table in time for dinner.

Carrying over the topic of Stress Reduction from October, I will also be discussing active stress reduction techniques – what to do in the moment. These will be posting every Tuesday.

I also have some great recipes, a holiday gift guide, and fall activities for the kids.

It is going to be an exciting month – I can’t wait!


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