Our First Renovation Project on Our New House!

The Chronicles of Our New House : The Fence

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After the less than fun process of purchasing our house, we have finally moved in and have gotten settled. We are even having our first party this month, so exciting!
We fell in love with out new house almost instantly – but there was one glaring item missing from our must-have list. On our half acre lot, there was absolutely no fence.
So while we were still in the escrow process, we started looking for fencing contractors. We needed someone who could install the fence soon after we closed, but also someone who wasn’t going to cost an arm and a leg.

Let me tell you, it became my full-time job for 3 weeks! First, we had to get base pricing for one type of fence to compare prices. That was so much work, in and of itself. We were new to the area, and I couldn’t use my rolodex from California. Then it was a matter of getting prices. No one seemed to want to call me back, then if they did, they would never give me a price. I went to 3 different companies, dragging my kids with me to show them the property surveys.

Then the prices ran the gamut. Some were double the price of others – for the same exact fence. And when you are talking about half an acre – fencing gets pretty expensive to begin with.

Then you have to figure out what type of fence you REALLY want. Our house is Spanish (ish), so a big white vinyl fence probably wouldn’t work. But they are supposed to be easier to maintain. Then someone tells me how horribly they stand up to the New Jersey winters, so I go back to the drawing board.

What our "fence" was. A woodpile from where the previous owner cleared some of the oak trees in the back yard.
What our “fence” was. A woodpile from where the previous owner cleared some of the oak trees in the back yard.

I even thought for a moment that a nice wrought iron fence would work. Unfortunately the only person who wanted to give me a price was in the ballpark of a mid-range Lexus.
Ahem. I planned on eating this year.

So we finally decided on a cedar fence, with nice arches and finial posts. The company that we decided on was great, they came out for a free estimate, worked with us on the payments since we were in escrow and couldn’t move large sums of cash (that is a totally different story), and were able to get the fence up within a few days of us closing. It all worked out well in the end.

Now, after all that work, I realized that there is a great service that saves you all that time and trouble – Contractor Connection. They do all the legwork for you. You submit your project and they will go through their extensive database and find the contractor that is right for your needs.

Yep. I said contractor. No more comparing bids, calling a gazillion people and hoping they call you back. Contractor Connection does all the work to get a contractor to your door to get you a bid. They ensure they are the right contractor for the job, so you aren’t spending hours on the phone trying to figure out if anyone is even qualified to work on your property.

They ensure that the contractor meets their stringent criteria – more than just being licensed and insured. All of the contractors have to go through a background check, and are constantly monitored for performance.

We are planning our next big project –a backyard redo – patio and all. I will be visiting Contractor Connection  to get our contractor for that project.

Because who has time to chase contractors?

What the Fence looks like now. Beautiful cedar!
What the Fence looks like now. Beautiful cedar!

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