Pet Safety in the Summer

Summer is upon us! It is a time for fun in the sun (finally!) and lots of time outdoors. But with the summer months come a host of concerns for your pets. Here are some quick pet safety tips for summer:

First – keeping hydrated. Just like you should bring extra water whenever you go on your summer expeditions, you should also make sure your pets have access to lots of water. We try to keep an extra bowl of water outside for when the dogs are exploring the back yard. Stainless steel bowls are great for outdoors – Hartz makes a great one – but be sure to keep it in the shade.We also make sure to keep their indoor water bowl topped off and throw in a few ice cubes on especially hot days.

Keeping fur clean and brushed is also essential to keeping your pets safe in the summer. Extra fur that is not well combed is a natural attractant to pests, and also makes for extra weight and heat. Cool your pets off with a quick brush every day – the Hartz combs are perfect for all different types of coats. Your furry friends will also appreciate the extra love and attention, too!

Hartz Topical Flea and Tick Drops are a great way to easily protect your four legged friends when they are outside, and can prevent potentially life-threatening illnesses. Just a quick application at the base of the neck once a month, and you are golden. If you are like me and always forget about monthly applications, I always make sure to apply on the first of the month – and I put it on our family (and my phone) calendar!

And just for a little fun, it is always great to invest in a few treats and toys for your furry friends. Hartz makes a wide range of toys and food treats for both dogs and cats – their newest wet cat treat is a personal favorite of Dex the Attack Cat. Dex also especially likes the Bell Mice toys, his favorite source of entertainment at 2 am.

I hope this helps you with some ways to keep your pets safe (and happy) during the warm summer months!

This post was inspired by Hartz pet products. I (Snoopy, Lucy, and Dex) received some awesome products in exchange for sharing with my readers some of the products that Hartz makes. The opinions contained here are my own. Possibly the cat’s opinions as well. 

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