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Pinrose Fragrances | The Halfway HomemakerIf you are anything like me, picking out a new perfume is always a daunting experience. I tend to wear the same perfume until they stop making it or my favorite store stops carrying it. When I need to pick out a new perfume, I can spend a few hours testing out the perfumes and just end up leaving the store with nothing.

I have found the perfect answer to my problem – Pinrose fragances! The great thing about Pinrose is that they help you pick out the fragrances with a simple quiz. I took the simple online quiz and was given two matches based on my answers.

Pinrose picked two fragrances based on my answers – Rooftop Socialite  and Merry Maker. To test the quiz and see if the results were correct, I tried out the Sample Starter Pack – which has these petals of each fragrance individually packaged and ready to go.

I tried out the Rooftop Socialite first. It was fresh and fruity and everything I like in a daytime fragrance. It was a hit with my hubby, too. He likes feminine, flirty scents, and it definitely was a winner. Score 1 for the quiz.

Then I tried Merry Maker next. It had a great rosy, fruity sent with a hint of musk. Very sultry, but still managed to be girly. The hubby liked it as well. I was surprised that the quiz was right on both.

Since I had the Sample Starter Pack, I decided to try out a few of the other fragrances. Although they were nice, they smelled like they Pinrose Fragrances | The Halfway Homemakerwere high quality and lasted most of the day without reapplying, they just weren’t for me. My husband was a strong supporter of the first two, not so much the others. I was really happy that the two picked out by my quiz were spot on. Since it was an online store, I thought it was great to be able to have a new way of “trying on” fragrances without spending hours smelling them in the store.

It also makes buying gifts for my friends very easy – I can just direct them to the quiz on and they can pick out their personalized scents. It is definitely a great product and solves the problem of finding a new fragrance. Not only do I have a new perfume, I have two!

Please note that this  is a sponsored post for  Pinrose and I have received product for free in exchange for my review. The opinions are my own and not indicative of the opinions or positions of  Pinrose.

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  1. I’m so excited you were able to do the review and you loved them! I still need to write mine, I’m still inundated with reviews! I LOVED mine too and I got merry maker too! I loved all three that were chosen for me! So great!!! So glad this worked out for you, Jen! 🙂

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