Pinterest for Business – A Cheat Sheet

Pinterest for Business - A Cheat Sheet | The Halfway HomemakerWhether you have a blog, Etsy store, product, or a bricks and mortar shop, most businesses can benefit from Pinterest. Pinterest is a great vehicle to share a visual representation of what you do with your potential customers online.

In order to harness the potential of Pinterest, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • Pinterest is fueled by amazing pictures and content.
    1. If what you are sharing is not pretty, impactful or well composed, you will not benefit from Pinterest
      1. You don’t need to be a fantastic photographer to showcase your wares, but invest in a good camera or learn how to use your phone on your camera. I don’t know about you, but my Galaxy 5s takes amazing photographs once I fiddle with the settings. They aren’t as amazing as my Canon T3i, but I can always count on solid imagery for my pins.
    2. Make sure your photos or graphs show how to reach you.
      1. Basic photo editing programs allow you to at least add text, if not logos to your pictures to make sure people know where the image came from before clicking on the pin. This also protects your images from being used by others without permission.
    3. Use descriptive words on pictures to show people what they are looking at.
      1. Instead of just a picture of a cupcake, make sure you tell what type of cupcake it is or why it is special. Ex: Decadent Chocolate Orange Liqueur Cupcake
  • Make sure you set yourself up for a business account.
    1. You can apply for rich pins – which spell out recipes or enhance your content.
    2. There are some great analytics to tell you how many impressions you get on your boards, which pins are most popular and gauge your effectiveness on Pinterest.
  • There is no one way to gain followers, but there are a few tried and true methods:
    1. Follow others in your niche and pin their pins to your boards. If you don’t have a board that fits their pin, create one!
    2. Join collaborative boards. You can find boards that have multiple members or ones that specifically note in their description that they are open to collaborators.
    3. Some websites and Facebook groups have been created to promote collaborative boards and other business marketing ventures. Join and participate in pinning parties, hops and link ups!
    4. Pin great content!
  • Have a game plan when you pin.
    1. Don’t just pin when you have a new product or post. Save all of your pins to a “Best of” board. Systematically pin these pins to collaborative or fast moving boards throughout the day. Make sure you follow the rules of these boards!
    2. Create a Pinterest Pinning Worksheet. Organize all of your pins and boards and note where you pin each pin throughout the day.
    3. Pin throughout the day. The busiest time for Pinterest is the evening, but sometimes your pins can get lost. Once you start pinning you will find that there are better times and days for your to pin to get traffic.
  • Have Fun! But not too much.
    1. Pinterest can get overwhelming. I can easily get into a black hole of pinning if I don’t keep myself in check! Make sure that you log in and work with a purpose. Pin from your worksheet and close each page afterwards. Don’t look at your notifications until you are done.

Interested in trying out MY Pinterest worksheet? Fill out the form below to get the editable Google Sheet sent to you.

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    1. It is so hard to stay on top of all of the things you need to do during the day, but Pinterest has a way of rewarding you for putting in the work.

    1. That is great. I am 50/50 facebook and pinterest. But my pinterest has only been in the last month, and I have seen amazing growth from organized pinning.

  1. Pinterest can draw you into to its beautiful world so easily that you forgot what you came there for!

    Your tips are great, and hopefully your worksheet will help keep me on target,

    1. Thanks, I love sharing as I learn. There is definitely a learning curve, but I am getting the hang of all of it 🙂

  2. Great information! I love pinterest. It really can be a black hole though if you are not careful. One thing I would add to your list is to make sure you write down your key words when naming your picture and alternate description. Often I try to pin pictures from websites and they have a name of the picture that doesn’t make sense.

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