Preparing for Our Vacation

Vacation copyIn just under a month, we will be taking our family vacation to Hawaii. I am so excited to get a little break from the day to day and spend a little time with my family in a tropical paradise. But I am also a little freaked out and overwhelmed to take a 3 year old and an 11 month old on a trip that requires a 5 hour plane ride and staying in new surroundings for a week.

In order to keep my sanity, I have devised a plan to help me navigate the adventure of traveling with kids. The last time we stayed overnight anywhere was overnight in La Jolla with a nine month old (my daughter). It wasn’t horrible, but it took a lot of advanced planning.

I planned the trip itself with a lot of care. I spent hours agonizing over picking the right flights, getting the best deal on a two-bedroom condo, and saving money on our rental car. I am confident that I did everything I could to get us the best vacation at the best price. Now I need to make sure we enjoy it.

Here is my battle plan for the next few weeks:

Entertaining the Kids: With 2 5-plus hour plane rides in our future, I will be scouring the net and picking peoples’ brains to figure out the best way to entertain two children. We have three tablets – an abandoned Nook that has been rooted to act like a tablet, my Galaxy Note 10 , and husband’s Galaxy Note 7. My daughter is getting the Nook, and my son will watch his shows on my larger tablet. My phone (a Galaxy S5) is big enough to read books and watch movies on for what I need.

I will be working on “busy toys” so they aren’t glued to the screen the entire flight (as efficient as that sounds, I am trying to keep an eye on how much screen time each of them gets. That, and I have a feeling that it won’t be enough.

Baby Gear: We plan on bringing the double stroller and the Baby Bjorn, but the diapers and formula have me a little overwhelmed. I will be spending a lot of time trying to figure out what is actually needed, if I can get a toddler completely potty trained and my son on sippy cups in the next month. I think it might be shooting for the stars, but it is something to work towards, and would make packing a little easier.

Packing: I will be starting a spreadsheet of everything we need to pack, what everyone needs individually, and what I still need to purchase. It will also serve to make sure everything is put back in the bags when it is time to leave.

Things to Do: I bought a book on Hawaii from my AAA office, but I also want to make sure we have a real action plan of what we plan to do on the island. As much as my hubby would love to just lounge around the hotel room and relax, I know two kids are not going to put up with relaxation, they will need to be doing things. I also need to figure out if I get discounts anywhere to make sure we stay within budget on the trip.

I definitely have a lot to do! Wish me luck. I will be updating you on my progress.

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