Homemade Purees for Kids

Homemade Purees for Kids | Halfway HomemakerI am not a crunchy mom by any stretch of the imagination, but I am really opposed to premade baby food for kids under 1 year. I think I just dislike the smell and the fact that you don’t know what the food was subjected to before you put it in your baby.

I also love the convenience of the “squeeze packets” of baby food – my daughter still eats them, it is the only way to get her to eat veggies half the time. With my son rapidly approaching baby food time and my lack of time, I considered getting the organic “squeeze packets” for his baby food.

Then I found the COOLEST thing ever – a squeeze packet station! I can puree my own baby food and stick it in squeeze packets for freezing. You have to use their special “spoons” for the packages if you want to feed directly from the packet, but they are sooooo awesome. I used these when we took my daughter to Disneyland for her birthday, I just popped a few frozen broccoli and apple purees in the diaper bag and they defrosted on their own.

If you don’t like the disposable packets, they do have reusable ones, but I haven’t tried them out. I figure with my track record, they will get yucky before I remember to take them out of the bag.

I first started out boiling the veggies, but they got pretty soggy, so I use a simple steamer basket to steam the cleaned and cut up veggies, then puree them with a food processor (don’t use one of those food mills – exercise in disaster and wasted time!). I used the baby bullet with my daughter and that thing was a pain, all these weird seals that kept coming off. It just became a mini margarita blender after a month.

I spend two hours once a month just working on the food, but I have at least a month’s worth of squeeze packets, and I know what my son (and daughter – she loves them still at 3!) is eating.

My next challenge is getting to the local farmer’s market to get the fruits and veggies, instead of just the grocery store fare.


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