Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

I have never been a fan of brussels sprouts. It has always been a texture thing with me. But I have actually had amazing brussels sprouts – you just have to roast them. That is what my guest today, Traci from has found (and perfected) an amazing recipe for Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts that you have got to try.  

We dine at a specific restaurant for special occasions. You know – anniversaries, birthdays, when our friends are in town, to share this amazing place with our neighbors, after we drop our daughter off for a sleepover at her grandparents, in the summertime when we happen to be in the neighborhood.

Who am I kidding? We frequent this place every chance we get.

Salt of the Earth.  Fennville, Michigan. Add this one to your list.

My husband and I ate there a few years back for a date night. A couple of ladies sat at a table next to us. When they placed their order, one of the ladies said, “Oh, I have to come in here every few months for your Brussels Sprouts. I crave them!”

Brussels SproutsWhat the? I have never in my whole life heard someone say they crave Brussels Sprouts.

Maybe you have. But where I come from, they never made it on the menu. I’d never made them either. I might, or might not, be able to identify them in a taste test. What do they even look like anyway?

We ordered them. Duh. And I made a new best friend that day. No, not the lady! Because. Stranger.

Mr. Brussels Sprout.

I began to crave them too. We ordered them every time we ate at Salt of the Earth. We told our friends about them.

I thought about starting an online club. (Not really) Brussels Sprouts

All of this got me thinking, I am a decent cook. I can follow a recipe. Maybe I could find a comparable recipe and try these morsels at home.

I conducted a simple online search. I asked myself, “Who would be fancy enough to make Brussels Sprouts with balsamic vinegar (I suspected that was an ingredient)?”

I placed the blinking cursor in the Google search box. And typed in:

B-A-R-E-F-O-O-T  C-O-N-T-E-S-S-A

My hunch was right. Ina Garten has a recipe that resembles my favorite restaurant’s Brussel Sprouts. And now, I share it with you!

Brussels Sprouts Recipe | The Halfway HomemakerBrussels Sprouts

A couple tips:

Do not throw away a single stray sprout leaf. They are the money. Crispy and dripping with Balsamic.

The smaller you cut the Brussels Sprouts, the more they’ll crisp up. A small bite is ideal.

I don’t add the pancetta. I just never have it on hand although I’m sure it would add great flavor.

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  1. As soon as this popped up on Facebook this morning I thought, “Salt of the Earth!” Dave’s been asking me forever to try to recreate those brussels sprouts at home. Now I have a recipe. He’ll be very happy.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Winnie. They are actually really delicious. I made some for my family a couple days ago and I pretty much single handedly finished the entire plate.

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